My Philosophy on training

My philosophy on training is really simple, but it hasn’t always been this way.

I think experimenting with how you workout, what you do, what you eat and what you believe in is part of the journey but I wish it had been simpler.

My first experience of training was in a football environment as a youngster. Basically as simple as can be, just play football everyday basically for hours. This went on throughout my younger teenage life up until the age of 15 when I signed a professional contract with Swansea City FC. Training stepped up a notch with pool sessions, yoga sessions and a lot more football but still I hadn’t set foot in a gym.

At around 17 I quit football (too much too young) and started playing rugby with all my mates. I was lucky I was fast because I was pretty small in weight and height. Rugby was going well by the time I hit 18 captaining my youth team to the then Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and moving into senior rugby but I still wasn’t going to the gym but I did start to take a bit more notice as the boys around me were all ‘doing guns’ on a Friday.

Moving into senior rugby was the change and I started going to the gym. Clueless, doing curls or stacking the leg press as heavy as possible and seeing if I could do it but unfortunately getting beginners gains even though I had no structure to anything I was doing.

Going to uni the gym stopped but then signing semi-pro at 20 years old (4 years after starting playing rugby) gave me the kick to get in the gym. Still I basically wandered around the gym but I was a bit more clued in to super setting exercises or doing hypertrophy because I heard that’s how muscles grow.

No coloration between diet and training though and this continued for a number of years as I battled with being a little chubby but being pretty thick set, broad and fit.

It’s literally now, my mid-thirties that i’d consider myself in tune with my body. I no longer worry that much about what i’m eating because I now know how to scratch that off by balancing out my week. I no longer beat myself up if I don’t train for two days. I’m much more tuned in to what works and what doesn’t and that’s not just for me but in general. The health & fitness industry is rife with bullshit, people and companies complicating the process to make money and you can’t blame them with the diet industry being the second most profitable industry in the world behind pharmaceuticals.

Now I find myself in the gym probably 8 or 9 times a week completing functional training programmes that I enjoy. I now no longer concern myself with if I can lift heavy or run faster than someone (I just keep that competitive edge in my head) I just enjoy training and that change in mindset has helped me become much more functionally fit for purpose. Yes I want to be the fittest I can be and strongest  I can be, but for me, not for anyone else. I’d recommend this mindset to anyone. 

My nutrition now is the same nutrition advice I give to any clients on MBC. Life is too short to turn down that burger or that brownie. Just don’t go over the top and you can eat everything you want in moderation. Just balance our your energy in (food) and energy out (exercise) it really is that simple! Food is there to be enjoyed.

My philosophy to round-up is a simple one. Start to move more, don’t be constricted by a standard fitness programme. Just start to consciously move more, learn how to hold your body weight and how to move it efficiently. Try different sports and activities, lift weights, run, jump, sprint, throw down.

Your nutrition, stay in a calorie deficit to your training (find out yours by taking a programme with me here)  food is there to be enjoyed, just make better decisions with your food and educate yourself a little. If you want to lose some body fat or build muscle you will need to consume more protein. You don’t have to stop eating bread, or give up ice cream, there is ways and means to reach your goals and they are not in line with fads, gimmicks and short cuts.

You can literally follow my philosophy by joining MBC today and get the most from your training without giving up anything. You just need a bit of guidance.

”The best plan is one you stick to”


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