Seek help. Ironically, it helps

“Son, your ego is writing cheques your body can’t cash”

Topgun, probably the best film ever made. Bold statement. Don’t care, it is. I even love Tom Cruise and one thing myself and Tom Cruise have in common is we both had ego’s our bodies couldn’t cash.

In other words I was taking on too much without knowing what I was doing.

If any of the below are you then read on;

  • You’re not motivated to go to the gym
  • You only go to gym classes
  • Your interested in weight lifting but only know the basics
  • You want to get fitter but don’t really know how
  • You want to be more gymnastic
  • You find yourself not knowing what to do in the gym
  • You friend has a programme and you follow it as well

I’ve spoken before about the start of my training life i’d wander into the gym and not really know what I was doing. Perhaps i’d run 5km as fast as I could today, or then tomorrow i’ll follow someone else’s programme because it looked fun but then it hurt so much and I don’t understand the movements I probably won’t train for 3 days now.

Now let’s get one thing straight it’s BRILLIANT you’re in the gym and keeping active and doing anything at all. It’s not you guys that need to be concerned it’s the people that have read the bullet points above and obviously want that little bit of extra help from somewhere or someone.

If this post is starting to sound very typically PTish. “Oh come to me I know what I’m talking about and I can see you don’t really” but honestly it’s not like that. Sometimes it’s a genuine concern for safety – the amount of people compound lifting – squat, front squat, deadlift and Olympic lifting – snatching, clean & jerk and so on with no clue what they are doing is pretty eye opening.

It’s more prevalent in squats and deadlift I find where form goes out the window enabling the person in question to lift more in front of the mirror because they’ve seen someone else doing it. Don’t even pretend you don’t see this in the gym all the time!

What is happening now though with the Instagram accounts out there is, girls especially are straight leg deadlifting they are doing barbell hip thrusts, back squatting with absolutely no clue why.

Again, it’s great your active but you are not getting yourself anywhere. If anything you might be hindering your own development.

It’s not just girls though. Guys, you are performing a 500kg leg press yea? With no extension at the knee…hmm…or walking round the gym with a weights belt on. Your weights belt is very useful…for weights above 80% of your maximum, otherwise you really shouldn’t be lifting those weights if you need that belt. Did you know that? I didn’t think so.

It’s not your fault. You’ve seen people doing it, makes you look stacked. There is nothing wrong with that but why not ask or seek help from someone.

Then there’s gym classes. I’m such a big fan of a class, but now and again. That spin class you do 5 times a week is not shredding you. That body attack class is not shredding you and that hiit class is definitely not shredding you. This is becoming so common now with people thinking just doing endless classes will help hit their goals. If their goal is to start moving more and getting used to weights and movements they may not have experienced before then gym classes are for you. If you have a specific goal in mind or want to see body recomposition gym classes will not do the job i’m afraid.

SHOCK NEWS: Every single person who just does gym classes and does not concentrate on conditioning or body building (don’t be scared by that word, it’s just weights) is in the same shape as when they started doing gym classes 2 years ago. These people who attend classes will have undoubtedly seen a change in weight but highly unlikely they will see the change in body shape they want. That’s where asking for that extra help you can’t get in a class of 20 comes in handy.

Why are you asked to do a full minute on the assault bike as hard as you can in the middle of a class? Not doable
Why are you performing Olympic lifts with no guidance? You shouldn’t be

If you want to turn up and sweat in a class they are fantastic but a means to an end.

I have been lucky enough to have learnt from some great people throughout my training life and self learning along the way with a mixture of studying and just talking to people so writing a programme for myself, whatever my goal was never a problem but I personally like to get other people’s insight and knowledge and add that to the pool. Someone else will have different methods that suit my goals and lifestyle which is great for me. No longer was I looking at other people’s programmes and picking bits out I was good at and ignoring the rest.

Having a programme to follow tailored to my goals has been priceless to my training. If I said I was going to train once a week, that session is there for me, if it was 8 times per week, all those sessions are laid out for me. The motivation aspect then became huge. I knew exactly what I would be training every time I went to the gym or worked out at home.

People’s individual programmes should be tailored to them and their specific goals and I specifically set out to do that on MBC. This whole platform was build from the experience I had above. I wanted to provide a service to people which was affordable (because I know not everyone can afford a PT) but to give everyone a structure they can stick too and I think I am doing that.

Don’t let your ego get in the way of asking for some help. Honestly it’s hugely helpful being given not only the motivation to go and train by receiving a programme you can just follow but having those specifics to focus on so your training can develop and you can finally start to meet your goals.

This post is not there for people to spend money on a programme. Just ask for help. I’m not going to charge anyone for asking questions so feel free, anytime. If you then decide you do want to start training with a purpose and know what you’re doing and why, ask for a programme. You won’t regret it.


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