”The Best Plans Are Ones You Can Stick To”




Nutrition will play the biggest part in any health and fitness goal or journey. Without eating the right foods, you will not get the results you crave. Eating the right way though does not need to be as complicated as it often seems, or is made out by the industry. Not everyone can follow strict meal plans telling you to eat fish when you don’t want fish, or asking you to prep their meals for the week in one day. It’s important to have a flexible way of eating that allows you freedom to enjoy food, the way its meant to be enjoyed, but also to know what you are putting in your body. It’s not the calories you put in, it is the macro-nutrients – Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat that will dictate your body composition.

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I know if I eat 2250 calories daily with no exercise my weight will probably stay the same. This is from years of trial and error and learning how my body reacts to different stimuli. If I drop a percentage below this I know I can lose body fat, if I go over it I can put on weight.


Protein. This will likely be the single biggest thing holding you back from the two most popular reasons for looking at your training and nutrition.

  • Losing body fat
  • Gaining lean muscle

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Nutrition Guide

Tailored Nutrition PDF guide with all the information you'll need.


My nutrition guidance is simple to follow and will not limit you any foods. Food is there to be enjoyed alongside a healthy workout regime.