One-to-One Personal Training

MBC Personal Training

With one-to-one I can offer you an unrivalled service and training regime. You can read more about my philosophy on training and why you would choose me to help your journey in the blog section on the website or just click here.

  • Personal training in a private facility
  • Full programme provided (if buying blocks of 8 or more sessions)
  • Progress checks and regular testing ensuring maximum performance
  • Unrivalled service and training
  • Full nutrition guidance to compliment your training

I understand that some people need that extra push and motivation, and having one-to-one with me is literally that.

I will always recommend being able to move your body efficiently, taking part in different sports, exercises and being generally healthy. mixing all different elements of training, cardio, body-weight, yoga and just generally upping your activity levels . At whatever age, becoming functionally fit for purpose is essentially the pinnacle of everyday health & fitness.

If this sounds like the type of fit you want to be, why not enquire about one-to-one Personal Training in the Bridgend, South Wales area today by filling in the form below.

If you’d like to know more about prices of one-to-one personal training, please message me using the form below. I understand PT can be daunting and often over priced so finding the right personal trainer is a big decision. I ensure you are being taught, not told what to do so we can make your training work to your budget. Drop me a message to find out more.

“No ego’s, fads, gimmicks or shortcuts”