Small Group Personal Training

Do you want to see amazing results associated with being personal trained all whilst training with friends in a fun environment which is now made affordable for you? If so then this programme is for you.

At MBC we are introducing the opportunity to train in groups of up to 4 with the personal coaching people require.

Group classes are fantastic to develop fitness and get used to moving weights around but within them no one is able to focus in on specific movements for individuals, and these movements people require to develop their own training. With MBC Small Group Personal Training you can.

If one-to-one training is not what you need but you want to develop past just a group class for which you are no longer improving, Small Group Personal Training is perfect for you.

  • Cost effective
  • Personal coaching
  • Train with your friends

The group sessions are great for all ages and abilities to come together. Although you will all follow the same sessions, they will be scaled for everyone and their own abilities.


There are 3 different ways you can book on.

  1. Pay online by clicking below (you are able to pay for more than one at a time as price is per person)
  2. Individually pay at separate times. Just send an email right here giving the names of your group and a lead person can organise a time that suits you.
  3. Contact me using the form below with all your names and your preferred method of payment.


Train with 4

Train within a group of 4 friends and receive the same attention you would in a one-to-one session. Incredible results, fun, competitive and cost effective. This price will be hard to beat. *Price per person


Train with 3

Train within a group of 3 friends. *Price per person


Train with 2

Train with one other to give yourself that personal feel, adding in a competitive element all whilst keeping things cost effective. *Price per person


If you’d like some further information on the Small Group Personal Training please use the contact form below.

Small Group Personal Training can take place at K2 and also Addix Fitness