Client Feedback

”After spending 12 months being tired from a new born baby. I focused on strength training via 5-3-1 as that was an easier option for me to motivate myself. Unfortunately the negatives were I gained too much (bad) weight and was feeling pains from not being flexible at all. I needed a change in mindset.
I asked Marc for a programme that would increase my mobility as first priority, maintain strength and increase fitness. Marc’s programme introduced me to exercises that were not new to me but things I would never have put in my routine on my own. As a result I was moving more, increasing strength in areas that I found very humbling but still having time for the standard lifts I enjoyed.
The customer support is second to none. I text Marc a lot about the programme and I find it keeps me honest.
All in all i’d highly recommend a programme from Marc regardless of goals.”
Steve Brown, 36 year old experienced gym goer

”I know you’ve said not to weigh but I just can’t help it. This week I’ down another 3lbs, totalling 9lbs in two weeks off eating more food than I ever have. I feel much better and healthier in just two weeks with your guidance and knowledge of nutrition. My body has changed so much in such a short space of time. Super grateful for your help.”
Christy O’Driscoll, 30 years old

”If it wasn’t for you, i’d be stuck in a rut of eating/skipping meals and exercising thinking I would lose weight. Your nutrition advice and exercise programme, and with what I already do has made me 100% happier with myself than I was just two weeks ago.I can’t wait for the next 10 weeks.”
Christy O’Driscoll; just changing the little things

”At first it took me so long to get to grips with slow results, not crash dieting. Even harder was following my programme rather than doing all the classes I love, but i’m so glad I did now. It’s made a massive difference to how I feel about myself.”
22 year old female MBC member for 4 months

”So update, I have followed the nutrition strictly and I’m so glad I have. In 8 weeks I weigh more, but oh my god I look different. I’m down 2 dress sizes and just feel so much better, you have me wanting to go to the gym. You said i’d see results after 12 weeks so I cannot wait.”
27 year old female. 8 weeks into her programme

”8 weeks done. I have thoroughly enjoyed every workout, every bead of sweat and every mini tantrum. I am 1lb off what I wanted to be in my head but last years summer clothes are now too big and means more than anything to me. Thanks so much.”
”I’m proud of myself for sure but I wouldn’t have worked as hard without the programme to follow so thank you. I’m going on holiday now and then start again with you. Can’t wait to have a bottle of wine or 4.”
Claire. 32 years old. Joined with a target of holiday in 8 weeks.