What You Can Expect

No shortcuts, false promises, fads or gimmicks

I want to make a difference to your training and life and will offer that commitment to you

The health & fitness landscape is constantly adapting but the five facets of training will always be there:

  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Sleep
  • Recovery

I believe that following these principles will improve all aspects of your training and body, but also improve other aspects of your life. If you take into account these 5 facets of training, your training will improve, you will be fitter, stronger and healthier.


  • Online 121 Coaching means you will get a training programme tailored to your specific goals and lifestyle. Your programme is built by answering this survey https://marcbennettjones.typeform.com/to/rydY35 which enables me to get an insight into your goals and lifestyle, likes and dislikes so your programme is completed tailored to you. I am experienced in writing programmes for all abilities from single mum to experienced athlete, from a teenage boy to professional sportsman so don’t think MBC is not suited to you.

  • A prviate WhatsApp group for me to monitor/track progress and for you to see your specific programme all with notifications to you when you have an upcoming workout, progress and nutrition tracking and real time messaging support.

  • Learn more about the ‘not so little things’ – mindset, sleep, recovery, mobility and more. They will all impact your health, fitness and training and more importantly your life.